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Our Neighbors who benefited from your gift.

Thank you!
Solar Productions Community Services
Thank you, Men for being a Blessing to our seniors.
Teaching and Training our young men.

Thank you, DUPONT for your continual support and being a blessings to our seniors.

Bringing awareness to our community.
Encouraging, Counseling, and helping support our young adults to receive their GED certificate.

Here's the Proof!
A $300.00 electric bill reduce to $67.00

Pinevale Learning Center School
Mentoring young adult in the science of solar power technology / green energy science project
at risk youth adults moving forward in the science of green energy technology and solar power
Solar Panels, Green Energy Technology, Education, at risk youth

BP Solar Panels, SMA Inverters, DC / AC Disconnect Switch, Green Energy
Solar Power testing, SMA Inverters, Education and mentoring young people in the science of green energy
Solar Power Green Energy South GA youth science project Solar Panels  

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