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Solar Productions Community Services, Inc.

Is a registered 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Company that provides a gifted Solar Powered Attic Fan to both qualified low income and/or senior citizen homeowners, to help reduce their electric bill up to 50% per month guarantee.

That's an average savings of $125 per month! 

Our Goal

Is to install over 5000 Solar Attic Fans to senior citizens who are low to moderate income homeowners, and others who may qualify. To reduce their utility bill by 50% ($125 per month on the average) and that they may be able to participate and benefit in the savings from Green Energy Technology and its solar power products. With your financial support, we believe that within the next three years we will have educated, trained, created jobs, and installed these solar powered attic fans to the above mentioned homeowners. With this raised level of awareness, training, and job creations we can assist individuals in becoming energy conscience citizens in our society.

Our Need

We humbly request your financial support to install 5,000 Solar Attic Fans in the homes of qualified senior citizens and low to moderate income homeowners, to help reduce their monthly electric bill by 50% guarantee. Also to help educate, and create job opportunities in the State of Georgia or within your community. Data taken from the SEEDS Business Resource Center in the spring of 2010 estimated there are 58,592 total housing units in our Metro Valdosta, GA Area. 32,555 are owner occupied and of that 16,482 are qualified homeowners. Of the 16,482 qualified homeowners, we can reach 5,000 of them within the next 3 years.  


With the support of your philanthropic donations and offerings, we can provide the following:

  • Reduction of future heat related fatalities
  • Reduction of home owner's electric bill 40%-50% per month ($125 savings)
  • Reduction of air conditioner maintenance
  • Sponsor driven Community Outreach Support
  • Increased comfort in the home by better ventilation
  • Increased savings
  • Increase the life and efficiency of AC
  • Increase in education, training and job opportunities

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